The Emerald Heart Light Consultation


  • 30-Minute Initial Consultation to set healing target
  • One Essence from the Emerald Heart Ranges
  • 6-Weeks of Healing
  • 15-Minute follow up call at 4 weeks


  • Make a short discovery call Here you can learn how the Emerald Heart light may be able to assist you.
  • Make an appointment. Via a longer appointment we can delve deeper into your needs, the aim being to discover the upper most fear that is limiting you at this time. I will determine an Emerald heart essence that will best work to dissolve these issues and give you a clear understanding behind this.  You will then be sent an essence or if choosing prepare to receive the essence distantly via a light transmission.
  • One month follow up call. To follow up on your progress you will have a follow up call to reflect on your progress and discuss the outcomes


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