Healing FAQ’s


I will witness the healing with you most likely distantly as this is how the majority of healings take place. This means we will not be together in the same location but you maybe at home or a place of comfort. Once we have agreed a target via an initial appointment, at an agreed time I will send the healing to you.

You will need to find a comfortable undisturbed place where you can lie down. You will need a blanket a glass of water and your essence if you are taking this. Then the healing will begin

This is a very powerful healing practice. Most participants report back that they feel the healing taking place immediately. The experience is different for everybody but the overwhelming feedback is that a sense of peace is felt within. Sometimes you may be aware of a tingling sensation within the body along with a temperature change either hot or cold. Depending on your target you may feel a sensation located in the part of the body requesting assistance.

It is quite normal to go to sleep throughout the healing only to become aware it has ended when you awaken. The healing with essence will be working with you for up to six weeks and a follow up call will be scheduled for a month afterwards in order to discuss feedback.

To understand the full journey and the birthing of the Emerald Heart Light David Ashworth the founder has written a book entitled ‘The Keys to Transformation’ which dedicates the origins of the light to our human hands. There is also a larger web site The Emerald Heart school of Enlightenment -which provides a detailed list of all the essences available and how the universe interprets the right path for us.

The essences will not interfere with any conventional medical treatments as they carry 5th dimensional light. They work through opening up your consciousness to see the truth of the situation that you are finding yourself in. As this awareness happens blockages are gently dissolved. However, if you are receiving help for a mental health issue, please mention this as you may need additional support on your journey with the light.

We kindly request that you give 24 hours’ notice in order to cancel an appointment and to reschedule. If the time of cancellation is less than 24 hour it is likely that full payment will still need to be made and no refund can be given.


An Emerald Heart essence or Divine Plan essence both carry the same high vibrational light that is needed to open your consciousness and bring about change in your life.  This is 5th dimensional healing and has the ability to traverse time and space, meaning it can bring about healing from many life time’s ago.  Long held beliefs or traumas that have been affecting you on a deep emotional and possibly physical level too.  There is nothing quite as powerful available to us at this time.  The changes that are brought about will happen gently and over a period of roughly six weeks.  By opening your consciousness, the high vibrational light will show you the truth of a situation dissolve it gently and free you to expand yourself in to a new being and a new way of thinking permanently.  The essences have the title of ‘Keys to Transformation’.

There are two ways to receive an essence. 

They can either be posted to you in a small glass bottle either with a small amount of water and alcohol.  You may request your essence is sent with just water and no alcohol content.

You may feel confident to prepare an essence bottle yourself and an energy transmission will be sent in to it saving the cost of postage.

Once you have received your essence if using an essence bottle with a dropper, take 3 small drops into a glass of water three times a day.  It’s suggested in the morning, sometime in the middle of the day and last thing at night.

If you have prepared your own essence bottle from a bottler of mineral water, you take one teaspoon of that water into a separate glass of water and drink those three times a day in the same way.

The costs of the essences range from £15 to £25 depending on the essence and if postage is included.

Have further questions? I would be happy to answer them