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Emerald Heart Light

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Divine Plan Healing

Divine Plan Healing

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Welcome to Healing Light

It is my great pleasure to be able to share with you my experiences of the Emerald Heart Light and Divine Plan healing system. Leave suffering behind as you step on your journey to inner discovery and freedom. Thank you for having a look around.

Jacqueline Singh

A Simple powerful way to restore and empower your life
and experience deep inner peace

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It is by no mistake that you were guided here today. You are experiencing an inner calling. A continuous nudging requiring you to live more fully, more honestly and more truthfully. You are now looking for your tribe who are also asking the same questions and wanting to live their truth’s. The truth that we are talking about is the truth that resides within your own heart. The light of your soul. The Emerald Heart light is a new spiritual modality that reconnects you with the truth within your heart. The truth will light your way forward to living your most unique blueprint yet.

Ways in which The Emerald Heart Light and Divine Plan Healing can help you.

  • I am feeling unfulfilled in my life

  • I have several issues in my past that are weighing heavy on my heart and I would like assistance to remove them – ‘Lighten Up’

  • How do I make the leap to living in a more positive truthful loving way?

  • I feel I am part of something much bigger than myself and I feel ready to act on this knowledge.

  • Discover skills and unique blue print that brought me to this planet

  • I am looking for my spiritual tribe

  • I want to understand my life path and stop self-sabotaging practices

  • I want to be more at peace with my inner being

This is the journey of the Emerald Heart
and the Divine Plan Healing System

‘I immediately felt at ease with Jacqueline and knew I would be returning regularly for future appointments. I was seeking knowledge with the Emerald Heart Light and had reached a point where I felt stuck in my life. I needed to make a break from my routines and wanted to know why I was finding it so hard to move on and make a leap in my life with my immediate family and within my current job. Using the essences seemed to open up an understanding within me and I could see how some of these limitations had come about. I feel much more confident to be myself and can move on with hope. ‘

D.A, Emerald Heart Consultation

‘I have known Jacqueline for over 10 years and have been receiving healings from her throughout this time. I found the advice given extremely helpful and perfect for my needs. I can remember her words of encourage and followed her advice to the letter still to this day. My life has been forever changed due to our interactions and I wouldn’t hesitate recommending her to others.

She has never wavered once in her commitment to others and I have watched her confidence go from strength to strength. Currently my son and my sister are booked to receive Divine Plan healings such is my trust in her ability.’

F.A, Divine Plan Distant Healing

‘I recently requested a Divine Plan Event Healing from Jacqueline.  I had asked for help to cope with a family situation where we are looking after the failing health of a family member and could not agree on their future long term health care as they are becoming increasingly dependent on others due to terminal illness.  After the event healing I felt that as a family something had shifted within us and we were more able to see each other’s point of view without stress and arguments.  I am very grateful for this intervention.’

L.B, Divine Plan Distant Healing

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The Emerald Heart Light

Emerald Heart Light

The Keys to Transformation

Divine Plan Healing

Divine Plan Healing

Restore yourself to perfect balance

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