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Jacqueline Singh

My first spiritual experiences

Since I was a small child, I was aware of other dimensions in the form of sensing unseen spirts in my bedroom at night.  Someone would sit at the end of my bed night after night and would announce their presence by their weight landing on my feet.  I was always so frightened to open my eyes and witness them and for some reason never mentioned it to anyone until years later for fear of not being believed.

I managed to bury all notions of such things until my teens when I once again became aware that I could sense & see things other people could not see. This became a problem when I moved into a house where a lot of spirits were moving about and I was constantly aware that I was being watched. They would always be more active at night and sometimes would try to share their stories with me and I felt helpless to know how to help them. I soon learned that it was necessary to pass on messages if they had them to people, I knew as I could also sense peoples suffering on a wider level. In a quest to understand myself further I began to devour spiritual texts attending seminars and coursed often on my own and just trusting my personal guidance.

My progression

I learned Reiki attended reiki shares, sound workshops, drumming groups & spiritual churches to name just a few. I was introduced to the art of Psychometry and found that I was particularly talented in this way. You hold a personal item of someone’s and can feel into their vibration. That person can be on earth or passed over & the insights fascinated me. For a while I offered readings for people as I quickly gained feedback from recipients of the usefulness of the knowledge and it often brought an understanding of their current circumstances that I am unsure would have of been possible in any other way. I then went on to learn about tarot cards and crystal healing. All with long lasting and positive results.

Discovering the Light

It was after a tragic loss in my family that I found the Emerald Heart light. I experienced a sudden death within my family and in my quest to make sense of it I started to attend a mediation group run by Timothy Dyson witch also offered additional spiritual guidance. After the very first group meeting, I knew that I had found my spiritual tribe. I was able to experience the Emerald Heart light through deep meditation and through a gradual process healing began to lift the shock and wounding of loss within my family. I have never looked back since and it has become the building block of my future. I have encouraged many others to also seek the guidance and wisdom of the light and together it has been like a rebirth for me.

Becoming a healer

I trained to be an Emerald Heart Practitioner two years after my first meeting back in 2017 and have expanded my workings with the light by becoming an Advanced Plan healer qualifying in 2021. It will be a pleasure to be working with you.

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Emerald Heart Light

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