Distant Event Healing


  • 15-Minute Consultation to agree a target
  • Target a specific event
  • Focused healing
  • 15-Minute Follow up call


You may find that you’re healing needs do not relate to a single specific person but to a situation and this is where a Divine Plan Event healing comes into play.  Situations such an up-and-coming birth, marriage, death, moving house, job application, divorce the list is endless where you may require assistance and the loving light of Mary Magdalaine may assist you.

  • The process is to book an appointment to discuss your target.
  • I will witness and send a Divine Plan healing into the situation
  • I will hold a follow up consultation one month after the healing has been sent
  • No essence is required and it does not require the person who requested the intervention to be present or take part in the healing


To give examples of previous healing events that I have been involved in

  • A university application (It was successful)
  • A hospital admission where a patient was not receiving the help they needed. All family members involved received a healing and the patient was moved to another facility and has made a life changing recovery
  • Recovery of a lost pet. The pet in question was lost for 10 days and came home on the evening after the healing was sent.
  • A family were in deep distress over the care of an elderly family member with dementia. Healing was sent into the situation and I was informed that negotiations had become possible from an impossible situation
  • A worried parent’s child was being bullied at school. The feedback received was that the situation improved in that offender was offered counselling and the class room became a quieter and more positive environment for all affected.

Just a small sample of Event healings given in the last year.  Book a free discovery call to discuss you needs.


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